Stelen (Columns)

2007 – 2011

“I want to suggest that the abrupt appearance of an unidentifiable pathogen in the gay community and, indeed, inside individuals’ bodies—the eruption of something perceived as sexually transmitted before anyone knew what it was—exemplifies an enigmatic message that we are still endeavoring to metabolize. From the body of an other, something alien got inside before it could be assimilated or understood; the initial effect of this inadvertent transmission inevitably was traumatic. Along with what came to be known officially as the human immunodeficiency virus, enigmatic messages were being transmitted through sexual contact. For the past three decades, gay culture has been trying, in various ways, to translate those messages into a story that makes sense.” ~ Tim Dean, “Bareback Time,” 2011

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An inquiry into history, remembrance, and desire, Stelen (Columns) is a photo installation comprised of appropriated images found on the Internet. Connecting the images is the presence of Peter Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin – the Holocaust Memorial – comprised of 2,711 concrete columns of various heights.

By employing seriality via the presence of the memorial, the images examine a space where desire is least expected to surface. If, as Eva Hesse famously suggested, that “series, serial, serial art is another way of repeating absurdity,” the collection of images draws connections between longing, death, and eroticism while calling into question the in/ability to memorialize.

Any image will be removed from the series upon request.

Inkjet Prints
3 1/2 ” x 2 1/2″
Edition of 10 + 1 AP created from a series of 150 images
2 Editions ( & 1 AP) of 100 select prints
2 Editions of 50 select prints
2 Editions of 25 select prints
2 Editions of 15 select prints
2 Editions of 9 select prints

Prices on Request

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